General Information

We are trying to find information about the history of the society. If you have any information that you feel could help us, please get in contact with the secretary.


The information we have so far has been found in 'Music won the Cause, 100 years of the LHMF 1905-2005' published by LHMF.


MCS was not one of the original LHMF choirs and there seems to be some confusion about when the society joined the competition. The first conductor to take part is listed in 1908 but the book (above) also says that unsuccessful approaches were made by LHMF to Mickleham to join the competition in 1910 and that Mickleham did sing in 1911.


During the First World War the LHMF seems to have stopped (see the gap in the list of conductors) but we have no information about whether MCS continued singing at that time. We do know that MCS did not sing in LHMF in 1915 but rejoined in 1920. That year, as LHMF reconvened, it was decided fairer not to continue with the pre-war divisions, but to draw lots for which day to compete.

During the Second World War we do know that LHMF continued, but Mickleham did not take part as a choir - some members of MCS joined other choirs.



Past Conductors

The dates of conductors relates to the years in which they conducted the MCS in the LHMF


Edward Davies

1908 - 1909
Margery Cullen 1920-1939 and 1947-1949
Naomi James 1950
Brian North 1951-1952
Mr Cumley 1953-1954
A Langmead Robinson 1955
Violet Anne Chisman 1956
Muriel Edmunds 1957-1960
Mary Rivers 1961-1963
Timothy Buzzard 1964-1966
Cecilia Gorfon Clark 1967-1969
Richard Fentiman 1970-1976
Mavis King 1977-1992
Joan Davin-Looby 1993-1998
Geoffrey Harvey 1999-2002
Charles Humphries 2003 - 2006
Juliet Hornby 2006 -



LHMF Involvement

The LHMF book 'Music won the Cause' gives a list of the divisions that MCS has taken part in:

1908-1909 - Division 1

1910-1915   No information

1916-1919   No competition

1920            Tuesday
1921-1923 - Division 2

1924-1925 - Division 1

1926-1927 - Division 2

1928-1937 - Division 1

1938-1939 - Towns and Advanced Villages

1939-1946   No part in LHMF

1947-1050 - Division 1

1951-1991 - Division 2

1992-1997 - Division 1

1998         - Group A

1999         - Group B

2000-2017 - Division 2

2018         - Green Division






2019    Carmina burana - Orff

                        Travelling Tales - Bullard


2018    The Kingdom - Elgar


2017    Little Organ Mass - Haydn

                        Benedicite - Andrew Carter


2016    Mass in G - Schubert

                        Come Ye Sons of Art Away - Purcell


2015    Magnificat in C - Schubert

                        Spring from The Seasons - Haydn


2014    Petite Messe Solenelle - Rossini


2013    Missa Cellensis - Haydn

                        The Mission Chorales - George Martin


2012    Gloria - Vivaldi

                        Sing Unto God - Handel


                        SUMMER CONCERTS


2018    'Deja Vue' or 'Where have I heard that tune before?'  A team quiz featuring music from advertisements, films musicals and jingles.


2017    CELEBRATE Juliet Hornby’s 10 years as Conductor.  Fauré Requiem with full orchestra and a selection of the Choir’s favourite pieces


2016    A Concert to Celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday.   Music from every decade of the Queen’s life all all with a Royal theme.


2015    A Gilbert and Sullivan Extravaganza


2014    Broadway!!!!   Songs from the Shows!!


2013    An Evening at the Moulin Rouge


2012    Songs That Won the War